Frequently asked questions

Placing an order
How do I place an order?
You can make an order through the website or if you would prefer you can call our sales team directly on 020 8974 3970 and we can take details of your requirements over the telephone.

What is the minimum contract period?
A subscription to either a Custom or Pre-Selected Magazine Pack is for a period of 12 months, however if you choose a Custom Magazine Pack you can change your selection of titles as often you like or you can change your choice of Pre-Selected Magazine Pack during your 12 month subscription.

How will my order be confirmed?
If you place your order online, you will receive an email confirmation of your order, following that when your order is placed into our system you will have your subscription in detail re-confirmed by email. It is very important that you check the details of the confirmation, particularly the selection of titles and delivery address, and notify us immediately if there is any incorrect information.


Will I get exactly the magazines I have chosen every month?
If you order a Custom Magazine Pack and select your own titles, your selection is guaranteed. However you can change the titles you have ordered during your subscription period as often as you like, this can be done online by logging into your account section or by calling customer services. When you renew your subscription you can also change your selection of titles if you wish at that stage.

If you choose a Pre-Selected Magazine Pack to suit your business type you will get the magazines illustrated, however DLT Magazines reserve the right to change a title from time to time if necessary. We also add additional titles to your pack at no extra cost whenever possible.

Will my magazines be up to date?
Yes, all magazines ordered through DLT Magazines are new and current issues.

Some magazines only publish 11 times per year what happens then?
If you are ordering a Custom Magazine Pack, you may notice that a few magazines only publish 11 times per year, quite often December and January are joint issues. If you click on a magazine to get more information, we have clearly indicated which titles do not have 12 issues per year. During the months that a title you have selected doesn't publish we do not provide a substitution.

I would like to order a different multiple of magazines not indicated on your web-site?
If you would like order a multiple of magazines not indicated on our website (online we only offer the packs sizes; 8, 12, 18 or 24 magazines) or would like to order multiple packs for multiple locations, please contact our sales team directly on 020 8974 3970 and we can tailor a product to suit your requirements.

I want a magazine not shown on the website?
If there is a particular magazine not shown on our website that you require please contact us directly on 020 8974 3970.

Will I be entitled to any promotional gifts (cover mounts) that come with the magazines?
We do not supply cover mounted items with the magazines in order to secure the lowest possible rates with publishers.

When will I get my first delivery?
That depends on when we get your order, but if we receive it before the 25th of each month, you will be in time to receive the following months issues.

When can I expect to receive my selection of magazines each month?
Every magazine publishes at different times. We wait for your last magazine to arrive into our warehouse before sending them out to you in one easy to manage pack. Generally you can expect to receive your magazines between the 15th and 22nd of each month for the following months issues. If you would like some advice before making your selection please call our sales team on 020 8974 3970.

How are my magazines delivered?
Your magazines will be delivered altogether in one pack using a secure carrier. All deliveries require a signature. If you are worried you have not received your delivery when you should have, please call our customer services on 020 8974 3960 or alternatively use the track and trace service by logging into your account.

What are my payment options? 
We offer various flexible payment methods; you can pay on invoice, by credit/debit card or by Direct Debit. If you pay by credit or debit card, we accept Visa, Visa Debit, Maestro, Mastercard and Mastercard Debit. Unfortunately we cannot accept American Express. 

If you choose to pay by Direct Debit you can also choose your payment frequency, either monthly quarterly. To complete a Direct Debit instruction online, please ensure you have you bank account details at hand. If you do not have bank details available you will be able to print a DD mandate form during the check out procedure which you will need to complete and post or email back to us.

Will I be charged VAT? 
There is no VAT on magazines. This will be reflected on your invoice. Standard VAT 20% applies to all our other products such as magazine racks and magazine protectors.

Your subscription

Can I change my selection of titles during the contract period?
If you need to change your titles for any reason you can do that if you have ordered a Custom Magazine Pack. Simply log into your account online and you can make changes to your selection there, alternatively call customer services on 020 8974 3960. All changes are required by the 25th of month to guarantee next month delivery. You can change your selection of magazines as often as you like during the 12 months of your subscription.

What happens if a magazine I choose is no longer available?
If you have chosen a magazine that is terminated by the publisher for whatever reason, you will be able to make an alternative substitution.

What happens when my subscription comes to an end?
You will be notified 2 months prior to the end of your subscription, to say that your subscription is due to expire. At this stage if you wish to cancel your subscription or change any of the titles you can notify us. If you wish to continue with your subscription as before there is no need to take any action.